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"I love making a daily plan! I've made it every day since I watched your video. It keeps me accountable and on track!"


"Loving this journal!! I believe it's going to be a really good fit for me. I've always hated tracking points, calories, food. But this is set up in away that helps me to reflect and plan- key word "plan". So I can choose to be consistent with healthy choices and be aware of glitches or stumbles and why. It is also helping me focus on the hunger/fullness cues which is actually the place I need to "level up"! I told my sis-in-law and she ordered one! Thank you!"


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"Wow - I did not expect an impact like this. While I have been working through habit building for a number of years nothing really stuck. I knew what to do, but doing it was another thing. I started coaching and the only month that I was successful at sticking to my habits was the month I was journaling to bring more awareness to my habits. Michelle's journal has given me a tool to check in with my goals, my habits, my plan and how I'm feeling every day. It is quick and simple, but so powerful in it's impact. Just by having my plan in front of me helped me to figure out the little steps I needed to implement to be successful. After maintaining my weight for months and months and months (despite working on losing), I starting losing weight the first week I started losing the journal. All that knowledge that swims around in my head is now in one place, in a daily plan, that is helping me to stick to my goals. Thank you Michelle, your journal is a game changer!! Can't wait to share my results after 90 days!!!"


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We don't just do weight loss together, we do LIFE together.  Fearlessly You Coaching is a community of women growing, celebrating and losing the weight in a way they love.

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And affordable compliment to the Sparkle Squad or Free Weight Loss Workshop, this 12 week journal helps you be intentional with your thoughts and food, get to the root of self-sabotage and start seeing the weight loss you want without restriction. 

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Weight loss doesn't need to be a journey of misery, deprivation or obsession.  Fearlessly You coaching is changing the weight loss game for good.  Let us show you how by getting started today!

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