Meet Coach Sparkles

I'm a 30-something wife, mom, and lover of life.  But a few years ago this was NOT my story.

The Rollercoaster Moment

After years of yo-yo dieting and hating my body, I finally made peace with my body and food through Intuitive Eating and the body positivity movement. There was only one problem- I found myself at my highest weight ever, dealing with chronic pain and plantar fasciitis, and unable to do the things that were most important to me. Tying my shoes was difficult, I was outgrowing another size, and I just felt uncomfortable. I had a humiliating situation when I couldn't fit into a rollercoaster ride on a family vacation, I had to stop teaching Zumba due to foot and ankle pain, and I was struggling to keep up physically with my kids. I had made peace with my body and food, but was scared at 33 my quality of life was continuing to diminish.

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Getting Honest with Myself

I didn't feel like I was living the purpose God intended for my life and didn't want to spend my remaining years in pain and feeling awful.  BUT, I also had no clue where to go.  I had tried diets and still had the same problems with self-worth, body image, weight cycling and all-or-nothing thinking no matter how much weight I lost.  I didn't want to go back to counting everything and giving up the foods I enjoyed.

My size was at a point where I couldn't hide behind body positivity anymore. I had been a part of communities focused on habit change with little result even with my changes in habits.  I was afraid if I tried to lose weight I'd fall back into the same obsession and body hate. I was also afraid to spend the rest of my life in pain and unable to show up for my family. I wanted more for my life and was ready to stop seeking fads, quick fixes and fast results- I was ready to make long-lasting change from a place of love and empowerment- not panic. So I used my training as a Weight Management Specialist, Precision Nutrition Coach and the journey of my mentor to inspire the Fearless 5.

It was time to ditch the diet drama and lose the weight the way I was willing to live for the rest of my life.  It was time to get back to basics.  I was time to explore what God wanted for my mind, body and spirit- it was time to become fearless.

Losing the weight, loving the process.


I began to explore my values and what I really wanted for my life.  I used 5 simple habits (now known as the Fearless 5!) that helped me begin losing weight and feeling better physically.  But the biggest change started on the inside.  Through journaling, I began to explore the diet drama, mindset and limiting beliefs keeping me stuck where I was.  I dove into scripture to lean on God instead of food for my comfort and stress relief.

2 years later I was down 25 pounds (and counting!), my pains levels had decreased and I was feeling better in many ways. The best part was I was actively learning to ditch diet drama, plan all foods, and was doing it in a way that honored my values.

Creating the Community 

As I began to lose the weight in a way that was loving and sustainable, my confidence began to grow.   I was inspired to create a space to help others create the same results.  I created the Fearless 5 journals that reflected the work I was already doing and began to create Fearlessly You Coaching: a community full of women who were ready to take action to change their thoughts and change their lives.  We do more than weight loss together, we are doing LIFE together.