Actually, Maybe 2020 Was My Year

Uncategorized Dec 31, 2020
I'm exiting 2020 with a bold statement: 2020 WAS my year. It wasn't the year I imagined, but it was definitely my year.
I stood up for myself.
I outgrew certain people.
I grew closer to others.
I didn't reach my goals entirely but made progress on them.
I designed and published my journals.
I started to rebuild my brand and business.
I stopped blaming the 'rona as the reason and started looking at it as a season.
I recognized the stories that were holding me back.
I realized just how strong our marriage and family is.
I was reminded over and over again just how GOOD GOD IS even through the darkest storms.
2020 was the year I became FEARLESS. And I'll never forget it!




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