I Changed My Mindset and Lost 25 Pounds

mindset weight loss Oct 29, 2020

Oh the difference a year can make!

Last year I started doing something new- I started to believe in myself, MY process, MY success, MY potential. I stopped giving craps about what someone else was doing, what someone thought of me and started to focus on me. I started to look at what I wanted my life to look like, how I would commit to my own process and how I wouldn’t give up on a better life with more energy, confidence and less pain.

Turns out, I just needed to work on my mindset, emotional healing and work on eating when I was hungry and stopping when I was satisfied. I started to be intentional with planning my food. That’s it. I cut out the diet drama, stopped looking to the world to validate my existence, stopped obsessing over balance and started on the inside. I started coaching myself 💜

Yes you can lose weight without cutting food groups, a perfectly calculated meal plan, workouts that leaves you sore for days or cutting yourself down. Yesterday I ate a homemade canoli and it was AMAZING. I enjoyed every bit of it.

If you need proof you can lose weight without a side dish of crazy or self-loathing, here you go👇🏼


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