Mark your calendars, the Make-A-Plan Challenge is back May 9th-14th!

You bought the journal and you took the course... but still don't fully understand the Fearless 5.  

Or maybe-- you have heard all about it but want to learn more before you take the leap into becoming Fearlessly You.  

Either way- I've got you! 

By signing up for this challenge you'll get access to my FREE Facebook group with other Fearless 5 Journalers, a workbook (delivered May 6th) and daily videos (via Zoom) with me to help you lose the weight and love the process!
In this 5 Day Challenge we will breakdown the Daily Plan Method over 5 days.
Each day will have a Facebook live for the following topics:
  • Sunday: Getting a Weight Loss Mindset
  • Monday: How to Make Your First Plan
  • Tuesday: How to Review Your Plan
  • Wednesday: How to Make a Plan for Weight Loss and Level Up Your Life
  • Thursday: How to Work Through Off-Plan Eats/Overeats
  • Friday: How to Evaluate Your Week

No Facebook, no problem.  All calls will be done via Zoom and replays sent via email!  Can't wait to see you there!